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            Episode 1:First Talk’s Talking Stick panel discusses Pauline’s recent health scare and Melissa Meyer and Mike Schooner discuss the concept of “Thriving Vs Survival”.  Comedian Brian Majore takes us to the Kino Café to take part in his comedy routine.Episode 2:Maria Monti introduces bras that can positively affect your health and we showcase the top 10 Pow Wows across North America.  Ward Teulon introduces us to “apartment farming” and Fara Palmer sings her song, “Pretty Brown”
Episode 3:Richard Bull joins us to give us 10 tips for Successful Savings and Rosie from “The Jean Queen” shows us the latest in bodacious fashion.  Then, we join Monique Hurteau for a lesson in better balance.Episode 4:First Talk profiles country singer, Crystal Shawanda, and Tamara is later joined by “The Baker Twins”, who will unveil the latest in modeling secrets.  We also take you to a boxing ring to learn some self defense.Episode 5:First Talk’s Talking Stick panel gets a makeover and discusses the question: “Do your clothes make you more successful?”  Tamara invites you to join her in a tennis lesson and we showcase our new segment, “On the Spot”, in which we test the average Canadian’s knowledge about Aboriginal culture.  Episode 11:First Talk’s Talking Stick talks about the concept of Aboriginal sexuality and Dr. David McKenzie talks about sexual Addiction.  Michael Dalyon joins us in the studio to give us a demonstration on how you can double your energy using bio-energy.Episode 12:Joleen Mitton joins us in-studio to give us the truth about the hard reality of modeling and Jody from the Greater Vancouver Zoo brings some fascinating reptiles into the studio.  Frank Austin Manyhorses talks about spiritual clothing.           Episode 13:Author, Dr. Michael Lyons introduces “The New Weight Control” and Harry Nichol’s talks about women’s power.  First Talk follows the Bladerunners’ youth journey to New Orleans.Episode 14:Leena Minifie and Leeland Askew join Tamara Bull to talk about “What Men Really Want” and we take an in-depth look at methamphetamines  on the Rez.  Hilda Green joins us in-studio to talk about addiction.Episode 15First Talk’s Talking Stick panel discusses Aboriginal economics and we profile an informative sweetgrass coaching workshop.  Tamara tests the average Canadian’s knowledge about Aboriginal people in a entertaining segment, “On the Spot” and Inez joins us in-studio to sing her new song, “Sto:lo Song”Episode 21First Talk’s Talking Stick bunch discusses racism as it affects both sides.  After taking a look at the Nisga’a treaty, we are joined by government representative, Mercy Thomas, and chief treaty negotiator, Joe Gosnell, to talk about the Nisga’a treaty.Episode 22First Talk takes you into the lava beds of the Nisga’a territory and Frank Austin Manyhorses shares his spiritual take on Mother Earth.  After showcasing a business profile from the Hopi nation, we  share some of our favorite YouTube videos.Episode 23We profile icon, Buffy Sainte Marie, and Shaun Karp instructs us on how to properly workout in a chair.  Jody from the Greater Vancouver Zoo joins us with two birds of prey.Episode 24Dr. Leemo shares his knowledge about preventative cancer measures and Dr. Jay Wortman prepares a low-carb barbecue.  First Talk visits the B.C. Children’s Hospital and learns how to properly child-proof a home. Episode 25First Talk’s Talking Stick panel talks about the concept of “Indian Romance” and Hilda Green joins us in-studio to discuss how to co-parent.  Tamara Bull takes us to a golf course for a lesson.Episode 26First Talk’s Talking Stick group talks about “racial passing”.  Do lighter skinned aboriginals have it easier?  Glen MacGyver joins Tamara and shares some knowledge about spiritual healing and Chef John prepares a low-fat chicken quesadilla.Episode 27First Talk documents a protest against Shell Oil in B.C.’s heartland.  Denise Findlay and Teresa Golka from Chameleon Strategies enlighten us on how to have a successful relationship and Chief Roy Jones talks about the importance of Omega 3.Episode 28First Talk profiles the Hopi nation and Dr. Zayd Ratansi talks of new naturopathic trends.  Susan Smith abolishes the myths surrounding sex trafficking.Episode 29David Guthro joins us in-studio to tell us how to achieve unbridled success.  Haida heroine, Laurie Bonacci tells us her tragic story and Frank Austin Manyhorses joins her to assist in the healing process.  Karina Cook, a hairstylist from Mine Salon demonstrates how to find products that work for your hair.
Fara Palmer
Episode 6:First Talk is devoting this episode to issues surrounding the residential schools.  The Talking Stick panel discusses the government’s recent residential school apology.  Gerry Oleman and Frank Manyhorses also join us in-studio to discuss the residential school problem in greater depth. Episode 7:In this episode, First Talk takes you on Vancouver’s own marathon, The Sun Run.  Host, Tamara Bull, shows viewers how to create their own “Gratitude Crafts” and we take you to Northern BC, where we profile one of our oldest traditions, canoeing.  Tamara Bull shows you how to make a low GI (Glycemic Index) meal, Cabbage Rolls.   Episode 8:We join Monique Hurteau for an easy workout in the park and then preview some of our favorite YouTube videos.  Performing artist, Chrystal Shwanda, joins Chef John in the kitchen to cook up a healthy meal and Tamara instructs viewers in how to create their own smudge shell. Episode 9:First Talk introduces a panel that discusses “What Women Want”; then, we preview our favorite YouTube videos and, finally, give you helpful tips on buying a bike. Episode 10:First Talk’s Talking Stick panel discusses “Women in Power”. Savanah from Kiss & Makeup give us the basics on what we need for a “green” natural makeover and Cecilia joins Tamara in-studio to show us how to add essential bling to our wardrobes and accessories. 
Richard Bull
Crystal Shawanda

Episode 16First Talk’s Talking Stick group discusses whether “cougarism” is traditional or not and Frank Austin Manyhorses talks about how to deal with rejection.  Darlene from “Massage to the Rescue” instructs Tamara and Byron Chief Moon in how to give a proper massage. Episode 17Dr. Brunel talks about the importance of Vitamin D and we profile the Hopi nation.  Shaun Karp shows us how to have an all over body workout in 30 minutes. Episode 18Dr. Jay Wortman shows us how to cook a low-carb breakfast.  Psychology work-shoppers, Melissa and Mike, talk about the fear of success and Frank Austin Manyhorses explains why people cheat and lie.Episode 19First Talk explores suicide in the northern territories and Richard Bull shares his knowledge about suicide prevention.  Darien Thira, Hilda Green, and Richard Bull have a panel discussion to further address the issue of suicide. Episode 20First Talk’s Talking Stick panel talks about whether or not leaving the Rez is a good idea and Tamara prepares a low-carb shepherd’s pie.  Karina Cook from Mine Salon gives us the low down on what’s new in Hollywood hair accessories and we preview some of the funniest YouTube videos. 
Crystal Shawanda
Episode 30First Talk’s Talking Stick panel discusses some hard issues in the Aboriginal community, such as gay marriage, and laser technician, Alita, informs us about the latest laser trends in Hollywood.  Tamara Bull tests the average Canadian’s knowledge about Aboriginal culture as she hits the street in our fun new segment “On the Spot”.Episode 31First Talk’s Talking Stick panel talks about the dating scene and we send Pauline Johnson on a blind date.  Dietician, Ali Chernoff, joins us in-studio and shows us easy ways to cut 100 calories.Episode 32Karen Bowers shows us her techniques for reversing sun damage and we profile some of our favorite YouTube videos. Once again, Tamara hits the streets to test the average Canadian’s knowledge about Aboriginal culture in our new segment, “On the Spot” and Murray Porter performs his song, “1492”.Episode 33Tamara Bull shows us how to make a ‘gratitude’ plant arrangement and Monique instructs us how to work out in and around the car.   Chef John prepares a low-fat vegetable salad and we present Part 2 of our profile of international music icon, Buffy Sainte Marie. Episode 34First, we view a 5-minute documentary on how toxic our homes are. Then, we show instructional videos that will help you nurture Mother Earth and Mary Johnston gives us the facts about water consumption.  Episode 35First Talk’s Talking Stick panel discusses the controversy about what  our people should be called….Aboriginal? Indigenous?  First Nations?  Steven Hammond joins us in-studio to talk about absolute confidence and Nadine Gagné and the Children of the Rainbow join us for a drum performance. 
 Byron Chief Moon
 Buffalo Sheperd's Pie
 Buffy Sainte Marie
Sexual Addiction